Sponsorship Opportunities

At the Center for Learning and Student Success, the last thing we want is for tutoring fees to get in the way of students’ receiving the help they need to excel at Syracuse University. To address this concern, the Center for Learning and Student Success partners with academic departments and administrative offices and organizations to arrange sponsorship agreements that cover a limited number of tutoring hours each semester.  Please see the chart below for potential tutoring sponsors:

Organization Contact
School of Architecture Vittoria Buccina, 201 Slocum Hall
School of Education Amie Redmond. 111 Waverly Ave
L.C. Smith College of Engineering Kate Pynn, 223E Link Hall
David B. Falk College Student Services, 300 MacNaughton Hall
Whitman School of Management Whitman Undergrad Offices
iSchool Julie Walas Huynh, 343 Hinds Hall
College of Visual and Performing Arts Vicki Smith, 200 Crouse College
UC HEOP 700 University Avenue
Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program 419 Sims Hall
Office of Disability Services 804 University Avenue Suite 309
Student Support Services Program 804 University Avenue Suite 009
HEOP 804 University Avenue Suite 009
Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation 203 Bowne Hall
Slutzker Center 310 Walnut
Maxwell Carol Faulkner, 200 Eggers Hall

Request for Sponsorship

If you are affiliated with one of the sponsors listed above, contact them directly to inquire about the possibility of receiving sponsored tutoring.