Educational Outreach

CLASS provides educational outreach to the entire SU community and offers assistance to students, advisors and faculty about how the academic integrity process works.

For students, their academic integrity advisor is the best first point of contact for private advising on the following topics:

  • How the academic integrity process works/what to expect
  • What the policy says about their responsibility as a student
  • What the policy says about their instructors’ responsibilities
  • How to respond to an academic integrity allegation
  • How to educate and protect themselves from further accusations
  • Questions such as, should I admit to my violation/ accept my charge?

Students who need assistance identifying their academic integrity advisor should email

For faculty and staff, CLASS can provide support and help clarify topics:

  • What the policy says about their responsibility as an instructor
  • What penalties are appropriate to apply when an academic integrity violation is upheld
  • How to talk with students who are suspected of violating the academic integrity policy
  • How to file an incident report
  • How to develop course-specific academic integrity guidelines, design assignments that encourage honest completion of work; and so on.