Individual Tutoring

To provide course-specific tutoring for a wide range of courses and majors, CLASS utilizes a scheduling and payment platform operated by Tutor Matching Service (TMS). All tutors are current Syracuse University undergraduate and graduate students with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and a B+ or higher in the courses they tutor. Scheduling of tutoring sessions and payment of tutors takes place through the TMS Syracuse platform. Tutoring occurs remotely or in-person depending on the preferences of the tutor and tutee. Students seeking tutoring can sign up using the Syracuse page of the Syracuse Tutor Matching Service website.

Individual tutors set their own rates as independent contractors and are paid by TMS. Tutor qualifications are displayed on the Tutor Matching Service website for easy viewing by students. If tutoring is not available for a course you’re interested in, email or call 315.443.2005 so we can assist you in finding a tutor.

All schools/colleges and several University offices cover tutoring costs for students by issuing them vouchers. Tutoring vouchers work like gift cards, covering tutoring up to a specific dollar amount. Please contact one of these voucher suppliers from our list of participating schools, colleges, and offices or your home school/college advising office, to inquire about this opportunity.