Expectations and Policy

What Students Need to Know About Academic Integrity [ .pdf ] [ .docx ]

Academic Integrity Policy, effective January 1, 2017, updated July 17, 2020
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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and related increases in remote work and online education, the University may modify the academic integrity procedures described in the Academic Integrity Policy so that suspected violations can be resolved as fairly and expeditiously as possible based on the unique characteristics of each case. Regardless of any procedural modifications, which will be communicated to students in writing, students will continue to receive notice of their suspected violations, to have an opportunity to give their account of the case, and to have the option to contest the case outcome on appeal. The specific processes used to evaluate each case will depend on the characteristics of that case. These changes have been approved by the Vice Chancellor and Provost, as required on page 2 of this Academic Integrity Policy.

Academic Integrity Policy Violation and Sanction Classification Rubric [ .pdf ] [ .docx ]

How Cases Are Reported, Reviewed & Decided under Emergency Academic Integrity Procedures [ .pdf ] [ .docx ]